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Using connection string

Mar 31, 2016 at 3:39 PM

In the project I am working on we have built a repository system using entity framework. However we pass in the connection string to create the dbcontexts as our system connects to databases depending on the account using the system.

I can get effort to create a db in memory following the tutorials but when trying to use the connection string on the created db I just get "Keyword not supported: 'instanceid'." ie the effort db does not have a connection string that the dbcontext can use as a connection string.

I have at one part made it possible to pass through the DbConnection but this makes my production code messy as means that checks need to be made if when running the test it is a test, which in my mind is wrong.

I am wondering if there is any way of getting a full connection string on a Effort created db so that dbcontext can use it as a connection string?