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Relase 1.1.2


Relase 1.1.1


Release 1.1.0

  • Support for EF 6.1 indexes


First stable version is released.

  • All canonical function is supported (except aggregation, spatial types)
  • Cascaded delete
  • Embedded resource support for CSV data loader
  • Support for EDMX having multiple entity containers
  • Various bug fixes


Now you can download nightly builds from


A new beta version (beta-5) is released. Changes:

  • Assembly is now strongly named
  • Enum parameter support
  • APPLY query expression support
  • EF6 Nuget package
  • Large data record support
  • Decimal identity support
  • Bitwise operation support
  • Database level null validation while updating or inserting
  • CSV export tool handles schemas other than dbo
  • Bugfix: Generated entity type name convention


I have created an automated nightly build feed for Effort and NMemory:


A new build (beta-4) is released due to popular demand. Notable changes:

  • EF6 support
  • Performance improvements
  • Better provider manifest


A new beta version (beta-3) is released. Many changes and improvements since the previous version:

  • Code First (EF 4.2<, naming conventions)
  • Support for all EDMX SSDL namespaces (Model First, Database First)
  • Multi field associations
  • Contraints (max length, fix length, not nullable)
  • Updated CSV parser and exporter
  • Almost complete canonical function support
  • Complete XML documentation for public API

Thank you for everyone who contributed to this release!


My local commits has been pushed. One of them adds EF4.3<= support.


Second beta release: The library can be downloaded now with NuGet.


First beta release:

  • Effort is pure ADO.NET provider now
  • No longer depends on EF Wrapper Provider toolkit
  • Code First support was added


Fixed a bug in NMemory that affected the initialization of tables with identity field. Release download repacked.


The renewed underlying in-memory database engine is now in a quite reliable state. It is called NMemory and serves as the core logic of Effort now. This means that the first alpha version of Effort is going to come in the near future.

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