Migrations support

We define foreign keys and indices with fluent API in migrations. Would be nice to support them.

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Unable to load db when property has column type constraint set to "datetime2"

There were earlier posts claiming a similar issue was already resolved but the latest version of Effort.EF6 does not unfortunately solve it. When table has one of columns configured as follows: P...

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string -> decimal conversion in queries

The recently resolved https://effort.codeplex.com/workitem/724 claims to have fixed the problem of 'int -> string' conversions, but similar issues with other CAST operations still seem to be presen...

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NMemory regex bug

Upon further investigation, this appears to be a bug with NMemory. NMemory has an explicit implementation of SQL Like using Regex. The following line appears to be the culprit: pattern = pattern.R...

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Same table name in different schemas causes errors

Create two tables with the same name placed in two different schemas. Create two new models, each mapped to one of the tables. Use Effort to read / write the models. Observe you get type / mapp...

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MissingMethodEception with EF 6.1.2 beta and Effort.EF6 1.1.1

Today I updated to the newwest EF6 beta and now I'm getting the following exception when calling SaveChanges(): System.Data.Entity.Infrastructure.DbUpdateException: System.Data.Entity.Infrastructur...

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An expression of type 'System.Nullable`1[System.Int32]' cannot be used to initialize an array of type 'DataRow5'

I have the following query that works correctly when connecting to SQL server: using (var db = ...the db context) { var tenderInfos = db.Set<ElectronicPaymentTenderInfo>(); ...

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Log SQL queries

Hi, I try to write the Entity Framework log to the console using: this.Database.Log = s => System.Console.Write(s); However, I got everything but the query: Started transaction at 27-10-14 20:47:...

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Sybase ASE EDMX bug

I have an entity model of a Sybase ASE database that I am trying to mock and when i try to create a transient of if, I get the following Exception System.Data.MetadataException Additional Inform...

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Nested Any

I have a pair of tables, with a 1-many relationship, and a FK defined. The model has navigational properties defined, child.parent and parent.children. What works, against SQL Server, and doesn't...

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