using DbSet.Local I get an error

The following error is generated when attempting to use the Local property on a DbSet instance: System.InvalidOperationException was unhandled by user code HResult=-2146233079 Message=Sequence ...

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Can't add more than 1 entity without an ID

I have a class Customer, with an (auto increment) ID column. Effort throws a "Generic error" exception when two new customers are created (without the ID being specified) and saved.

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Make it possible to add custom mappings to CanonicalFunctionMapper

My use case is that I'm creating custom DbFunctions and mapping them using CodeFirstFunctions ( It works great but I cannot test this with Effort. Running...

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EF 6.1.2, Effort 1.1.4 Array Index out of bounds with Include

When using EF 6.1.1 and Effort 1.1.4, the following code is working: await context.tableA.Include(a => a.tableB.Select(b => b.tableC)).ToListAsync(); However with EF 6.1.2 and greater, I get the f...

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using DbConnectionFactory.CreatePersistent and clean the tables instead of recreating the database

Hi, I have multiple test running one after each other. when using DbConnectionFactory.CreateTransient, everything works fine, but the database is big and it takes a lot of time to create it. So I...

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MultipleUniqueKeyFoundException for Auto-generated key field

Hello! Getting the MultipleUniqueKeyFoundException when trying to insert entities. The table has autogenerated int type field and Effort doesn't set the value in that field. It equals 0 after SaveC...

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NullReferenceException when used with EntityFramework.DynamicFilters

I'm using this library: To define filters on my model (think soft deletes, multi tenancy, etc). If any filter is defined, I get a NullR...

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Collections are null if they are empty

Consider this POCO class Family { public int FamilyID {get; set;} public ICollection<Person> Children {get; set;} } This code throws a null reference exception. DbConnection conn = DbConnectionFa...

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"Argument types do not match" error with Nullable DateTime ?? Operator

I have a problem when querying a condition using the ?? Operator on a Nullable<DateTime> property of my entity. "result1" and "result2" work fine. "result3" throws an "Argument types do not matc...

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Entity Framework 6.1.2 problem

When I upgrade to Entity Framework 6.1.2, I got the following error: System.MissingMethodException Method not found: 'Void System.Data.Entity.Core.Common.DbCommandDefinition..ctor(System.Data.Co...

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