MultipleUniqueKeyFoundException for Auto-generated key field

Hello! Getting the MultipleUniqueKeyFoundException when trying to insert entities. The table has autogenerated int type field and Effort doesn't set the value in that field. It equals 0 after SaveC...

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NullReferenceException when used with EntityFramework.DynamicFilters

I'm using this library: To define filters on my model (think soft deletes, multi tenancy, etc). If any filter is defined, I get a NullR...

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Collections are null if they are empty

Consider this POCO class Family { public int FamilyID {get; set;} public ICollection<Person> Children {get; set;} } This code throws a null reference exception. DbConnection conn = DbConnectionFa...

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"Argument types do not match" error with Nullable DateTime ?? Operator

I have a problem when querying a condition using the ?? Operator on a Nullable<DateTime> property of my entity. "result1" and "result2" work fine. "result3" throws an "Argument types do not matc...

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Entity Framework 6.1.2 problem

When I upgrade to Entity Framework 6.1.2, I got the following error: System.MissingMethodException Method not found: 'Void System.Data.Entity.Core.Common.DbCommandDefinition..ctor(System.Data.Co...

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Lazy Loading disabled but Effort eagerly loads all

We have "LazyLoadingEnabled" set to false for our implementation of DbContext. I've double-checked in a production integration test and related entities are only loaded if we explicitly call an "I...

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Migrations support

We define foreign keys and indices with fluent API in migrations. Would be nice to support them.

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string -> decimal conversion in queries

The recently resolved claims to have fixed the problem of 'int -> string' conversions, but similar issues with other CAST operations still seem to be presen...

Id #742 | Release: None | Updated: Apr 13 at 12:24 PM by tamasflamich | Created: Nov 28, 2014 at 11:09 PM by azabluda

NMemory regex bug

Upon further investigation, this appears to be a bug with NMemory. NMemory has an explicit implementation of SQL Like using Regex. The following line appears to be the culprit: pattern = pattern.R...

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Same table name in different schemas causes errors

Create two tables with the same name placed in two different schemas. Create two new models, each mapped to one of the tables. Use Effort to read / write the models. Observe you get type / mapp...

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