An expression of type 'System.Nullable`1[System.Guid]` cannot be used to initialize an array of type `DataRow5`

There a LINQ query that is translated and executed correctly by Entity Framework 6 when the application is ran, but it fails when using the just released Effort provider 1.0.0. This is the LINQ q...

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Support for entity connection string containing "metadata=res://*/;"

I'm currently trying to write a unit / integration test using Effort as an in memory database provider. I've been following the tutorial for creating a fake DbContext instance however I'm getting...

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int -> string conversion in queries

I'm using Entity Framework 6.1 with the Effort.EF6 NuGet package and I assumed that LINQ query run using Effort would pass through the exact same pipeline as they would when connecting to the datab...

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unique index

does effort support unique indexes?

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Using SqlFunctions

I find in a test using effort that uses a query using SqlFunctions, I get an exception. I can see why this would be - SqlFunctions being SQL specific and Effort looking to remain database agnostic...

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Loading DateTime using CsvDataLoader

I've the following CSV Id,ExternalId,Name,ExtCode,ExtNr,Ongoing,Assigned,From,To,Ext1,Ext2,Ext3,Ext4,Ext5,Created,Updated,Version 204,222,"TheName","ExtCode",3567253211,True,False,2002/01/01 00:00...

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NuGet dependency issue

Using the NuGet Package Manager (VS 2012), Effort.EF6 shows two dependencies: NMemory (= 1.0.0-beta9) EntityFramework (>= 6.0.0) However, when adding Effort.EF6 (v 1.0.0-beta5) to an existing p...

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Coupled issue between NMemory and Effort with Transaction

The current project that I am on is using the unit of work pattern with the transaction stored in the unit of work. For some reason during the test, the unit gets created and the transaction star...

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Support for multiple EntityContainers

Hello, In our situation, each EntityContainer maps to exactly 1 schema. A table with the same name might occur in multiple schema's, but until now me managed to avoid this. I'll try to give a m...

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delete results in ForeignKeyViolationException

Hi, the issue is very similar to this issue . Deleting an entity, that has not all dependent entities loaded in the current context, results in a Foreig...

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